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Taking a moment to appreciate the life I was living, I turned back to remember the spark that made it possible.

As I got off the phone with my daughter, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for where I was. Though it was a holiday weekend, we were wrapping up our real estate business and free to celebrate (or not!) however we chose. It was a world apart from our earlier life.

Real estate has interested me for a long time. I first got involved when my husband, Tom, and I were still running our flower shop. That shop passed through Tom’s family for generations, and our lives revolved around it. With perishable flowers and holiday seasons, we were always working against a deadline. Even when I worked as a stockbroker early in our marriage or later as a stay-at-home mother, holidays meant all hands-on deck.

Though I loved how the business connected us with our community in such personal ways, it was a tough industry. As a small, family-owned business, we were always the last to get paid. I wanted to send my three daughters to college debt-free, so I turned to real estate as an investor.

I flipped homes for several years and achieved my dream for my daughters’ education. Then the crash hit in 2008 and put an end to my investing. I thought about becoming a REALTOR®, but I felt I knew so many already and dismissed the idea. Though I still had a passion for the industry, I stepped away. Around that same time, we sold our flower shop.

For a few years, I did different things. The most impactful was my work at a local nonprofit for people with intellectual disabilities. I fundraised and even helped build a therapeutic riding center for them. What stayed with me, though, were the people who lived in the home. Most of them required assistance or permission to do anything. They were treated differently by the world around them, confined to limited opportunities. And yet, they were so happy! Seeing these individuals who had so many strikes against them joyfully living their lives was humbling. It made me wonder, what right do I have to ever feel sorry for myself?

With that shift in perspective, I began to consider my own joy. Once I found an opportunity in real estate, I embraced it and followed my joy. I also promised myself that through my interactions with the world, I would not treat anyone differently. I would offer respect to whomever I met. Though I recognized that society may judge others and treat them differently, I do not do that. The worth of each of us as human beings is intrinsic to who we are.

Most of the important things in life are hard to prove: loyalty, love, confidence. However, these are the values by which we live our lives. Being a human means you are going to mess up. Having the confidence and grace to try again is at the core of what makes us the best we can be.

Nowadays, my family and I celebrate holidays however we want without rushing through flurries of orders. I am also blessed that my youngest daughter, Madeline, works with me as my business manager. Real estate helps me embrace the deep truth that we are all worthy. I treat my clients like I would my daughters or mother. Whenever I am not working, I enjoy painting and traveling. My favorite part of being a REALTOR® is celebrating the fruits of our labor with my clients at closing.

A home is not four walls and a roof. It is where you live your life and can be 1000% yourself. I always ask my clients, “Which home do you want to return to after a long day at work?” As your REALTOR®, I will bring together all the pieces of the puzzle to help you find the essence of home.

I have lived and worked in San Angelo all my life and pride myself on my reputation. In real estate, I make sure everyone comes out feeling like a winner because there is no reason why that cannot be true. Whether you are buying or selling, this is an emotional transition for you and your family, and it is my honor to help you through it. I answer my phone and respond quickly because I am here to support you. I have experience with all types of real estate, with special expertise in residential. Each member of my team has their own specialized area, and we work together to support our clients. After the transaction is closed, I will continue supporting you as your lifelong REALTOR® and friend.


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