San Angelo Gives Day and Local Housing Data


San Angelo Gives Day is coming up on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Whether you are aware or not, some organization that you care about has most likely benefited from this awesome program. Whether it be a school, church, or any number of other charitable organizations, this is a very unique program headed by the San Angelo Area Foundation. On the first Tuesday of May, the SAAF will "amplify" donations toward some of our community's best organizations. Last year alone, over 4 million dollars was raised on this day. Check out the list of qualified charities below and make sure your donations are amped up!

Also, make sure to check out 100 Man San Angelo for their quarterly meeting tomorrow at 5 pm. This is the fastest and easiest way men of the Concho Valley can make a difference!


Despite the national sentiment on home buying in the country, the San Angelo housing market is not slowing down as we continue toward the summer selling season.  We are still seeing all types of buyers deciding to put homes under contract. On Tuesday, there were a large number of price reductions on the MLS. This has been happening for several months and we are starting to see the average sales price go down for single-family homes. This is not the bottom falling out! This is a small dip in price compared to several years of record-breaking prices. The median home sale price in San Angelo is just over 245k this year compared to 250k in 2023. That is still $150 per square foot!!

The most common question I receive from homeowners who are NOT looking to sell is," Is my equity safe?" Yes, your equity is safe and will most likely be going up later this year. We put an average-price home on the market Sunday and held an open house that same day. Just from the visitors to the open house we received two offers and two additional contracts on Monday. 

San Angelo has 383 active homes for sale as of 4/23/24. Here is a breakdown of price ranges as well as a link to check them out..

Under 100k 
100 - 200k 
200 - 300k 
300 - 400k 



It sure is nice to add green arrows on here. We just do not have enough of them these days.  But I will say that I am happy with where rates are right now. With inflation data not coming in good, one alternative could be lower rates today and then they have to shoot back up later this year. What we are currently dealing with is better than that and definitely better than a bad recession. The San Angelo housing market, as it has always been, is incredibly resilient and we are generally not subject to sharp ups and downs. 

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-Samantha Tarr, REALTOR® 325-340-7252

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