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Veterans Memorial Bridge

If you have driven out Knickerbocker Rd.  past the bridge in the last few months, you have noticed some construction! Whether you are heading to the airport, taking the shortcut to Christoval, or just joyriding at the lake you have had to take precautions at the cement guardrails across Veterans Memorial Bridge at Lake Nasworthy. 

TxDOT is working on a safety project for the Nasworthy Bridge. The project tracker on their website has been updated but does not have an estimated completion date. They initially sandblasted and painted the underneath metal structure and are now working on the asphalt joints on the road surface. I hope the weather stays good so they can complete it before Lake Season! 

PRO TIP: If you have time, take Loop 306 to Ben Ficklin and head around San Angelo Country Club and Lake Nasworthy.  This is one of the prettiest drives in town and you can skip all the bridge construction! 

The City of San Angelo has confirmed that there will be a sewer line project happening but has nothing to do with the bridge construction. The sewer line should be completed Summer of 2025 (more on that in future newsletters!)

Here is a list of Lake Nasworthy Homes for sale! 


We reached 90+ degrees in February and that heated up the real estate market a little. We are sitting at just over 360 houses for sale in San Angelo with another 168 pending closing. These numbers are up, which is to be expected, but are still low historically. 

I saw SIX houses in the new Southland Village go under contract in just the past seven days. We are not quite to "COVID craziness" but it is coming. There are just not enough good houses for the buyers looking right now. If your home is in good shape and is priced correctly, you are going to be looking at multiple offers!

Over 25% of the San Angelo residential transactions in the last month have been CASH sales. The average price for these sales was just under 300k. Conventional loans were also very popular even though I have heard FHA is the best deal right now! If you need help with a mortgage, ask us for a list of preferred lenders!  

Here is a link to show what properties are hitting the market now! 


Mortgage rates don't have a clue what they are doing right now. We were down in January and are now back up a little this month. Many of the economic indicators have not been clear on what is coming in March and April. As of today, I think we are going to see rates stay around the same if not drop a little. When we get closer to May, there should be a better idea of whether the Fed will give us at least one rate cut over the summer months! 

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